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WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce solution for WordPress websites. The core plugin is free and you can set up an online store in minutes on your existing WordPress site. There is a marketplace for plugins that add more features, such as memberships, subscriptions or catalogue mode. The latter disables the shopping cart and checkout, which is handy if you’re not ready to sell online yet or you want your customer to purchase in-store.

Because it’s free, you may think that WooCommerce is not reliable or not scalable for large eCommerce businesses but nothing could be further from the truth. With the right architecture, your online store could sell 100,000s of different products and manage hundreds of new orders every day. Greek electronics store Inter-Shop offers more than 300,000 of products! It’s harder to get examples of companies handling large volumes of orders in WooCommerce because this data is usually confidential.

Here are nine famous Australian companies who use WooCommerce to run their online store or their online catalogue.

Pioneer Australia

Pioneer car stereos were the rage when I got my first car about 25 year ago and it seems that they’re still going strong.

It’s hard to recognise WooCommerce on their Australian website because it’s highly customised and third-party plugins provide extra features such as product compare and ZipPay payments.

Visit Pioneer Australia website


Unlike Coles and Woolies, customers can’t order online at IGA. But WooCommerce is still installed on their website for customers to leave product reviews. Here the online store is in “catalogue mode” with no price, no cart and no checkout.

Technically, it wouldn’t be difficult to enable the checkout and start selling online. The difficulty is probably more logistical.

Visit IGA website


Originally created by News Corp, this job search website is not the obvious place where you’d expect to find an online shop. Since it’s not a government agency so they also need to make an income.

It’s actually the CareerOne Advertiser site which is hosted on a subdomain that runs WooCommerce to sell job ad packages and candidate resumes to potential employers. The WooCommerce pages have been nicely styled to match the rest of the website.

Visit CareerOne Advertiser website

Bakers Delight

Most shopping centres on the NSW Central Coast have a Bakers Delight shop and I presume it’s similar in the other parts of Australia.

The Bakers Delight website has set up WooCommerce in “catalogue mode” so you can see details and prices for their products but you can’t order. They’ve nicely re-designed WooCommerce pages to match their brand styling guide. They’ve added a few extra features through 3rd-party plugins or custom development, like the ability to look up the price for a particular location.

Visit Bakers Delight website

Kawasaki Australia

The Australian branch of the Japanese motorcycle company runs WooCommerce on its corporate website in catalogue mode for motor vehicles and accessories. They also operate a separate online store at Shopify to sell merchandise products only. I’m not sure why they don’t sell directly with on their own website because there’s nothing that Shopify does that WooCommerce can’t do as well.

Like Bakers Delight, their most expensive products, i.e. the motor vehicles, have very detailed product pages with a clever price finder based on the postcode.

Visit Kawasaki Australia website

Singer Australia

Singer sewing machines have been a household name in Australia for decades.

Their website provides a simple but user-friendly shopping experience. They have integrated their WooCommerce store with their Facebook shop. This is a good idea because this brings Facebook users to their website online store and they only need to manage sales in one place. This is technically not too difficult to do thanks to the free Facebook for WooCommerce extension plugin.

Visit Singer Australia website

Cyclone Tools

Most gardeners are familiar with Cyclone quality hand tools that you can buy at the major hardware stores.

The website uses WooCommerce to display a minimalistic catalogue that’s easy to browse on any device. For online purchases, they actually recommend to buy through Bunnings. I like the way that products can be easily shared on social media thanks to a 3rd party plugin.

Visit Cyclone Tools website

Australian Breastfeeding Association

This not-for-profit organisation runs a WooCommerce shop on a shop subdomain because their main website is built on another CMS (Content Management System) called Drupal. This shows how any business can leverage WooCommerce, no matter how their existing website was created.

The online store looks like an out-of-the-box WooCommerce setup but it’s straightforward to use.

Visit Australian Breastfeeding Association shop

JB Hi-Fi Solutions for Business

JB Hi-Fi has physical stores all over Australia to sell consumer goods. But they all sell to businesses.

This B2B online store uses WooCommerce to display products with the familiar yellow and black JB Hi-Fi branding. But the Buy product button actually links to another site.

Visit JB Hi-Fi Solutions for Business website

I hope these well-known Australian brands inspired you to consider WooCommerce to showcase or sell your products on your business website. For more information, check our article on how to plan an online store project with WooCommerce.

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By Jean Werk